Jeremy Jones
is a designer
specialized in
user interface
design but
not only.

With over a decade of experience in interface design,
my designs are focused on functionality and usability. My one and only goal is to restore a unique and memorable experience.

In life, at work.
As a minimalist and pragmatic person, you will find that my work reflects the person I am. These two adjectives summarize my state of mind for years.

Working remotely.
Having worked remotely for years, I have had to adapt my skills to working remotely to be highly organised, flexible, reliable, versatile and most importantly communicative.

Looking for cases
studies? Lucky, you

I’ve made, just for you,
two cases studies, in my areas of expertise.

If you do not have the time to read them, it’s too bad for you. I spent hours to write them, explaining my process.

Check the cases studies

1 | Webapp Senate

Revolutionise the way amendments are managed by the French Gov.

2 | Branding & design Manitoba Ventures

Manitoba Ventures is a holding company incorporated in Ireland that invests in online tech companies.

One day, I will finish
my comic. But for the
moment, I draw.

Yes, I draw almost everyday, anywhere.
I create doodles, cynical comics about my experience, learning the human body & for sure,
I draw for my clients too.

I have a dedicated page for that