Manitoba Ventures


Manitoba Ventures is a holding company incorporated in Ireland that invests in online tech companies. I shaped the company branding, the logo and the new homepage of their website.


Creative Designer

  • Logo
  • Illustration
  • Web Design

The brief

Manitoba contacted me to create their an online presence. Their business is related to affiliate marketing, lead generation and also related to sustainable development. They were looking for an identity precise that demonstrate credibility and professionalism.


That being said, I determined a roadmap including a logo design, illustrations for the website and of course a complete web design.
I always start with the logo, it give us a path to follow, to guide us to a unique identity.

Sketching Ideas

By relying on a document that I have created, my client can explain me his ideas for his logo and answer the questions I ask him.Thanks to the answers, I can start creating sketch ideas.

Concept 01

The seed/growth concept, you are at the genesis of a project, the seed that grows. I wanted to iterate on several ideas, either a mountain on which a rare plant grows, or an arboreal emblem.

Concept 02

The animal concept, the emblem on the flag is the bison. It is also possible to play with a polar bear, it is also another emblem of this region.

Final concept

Choosing a concept can take time. If you have well framed the project in advance, this can facilitate your decision-making. When choosing, you must always argue your choice. It’s important to the vision behind the logo.

If necessary, we could possibly do a third round of sketching.

  • It represents a tree, seed, a growing plant.
  • It can represent a building, a solid, aesthetic company with an innovative pyramid roof.
  • The logo is easily identifiable and unique.
  • Using the golden ration, the balance is perfect, the logo is elegant and solid.


I had the responsibility to create several illustrations for the new website. Depending on needs, vectorized or rasterize, I usually work on my iPad or directly on my Cintiq.

Webdesign & UI

The goal of my client is to demonstrate credibility and professionalism through its new website. The design should attract entrepreneurs or companies that are linked to the world of sustainable development.

His wish was to show another face of venture capital that we know. The link between humans and sustainable development must be present.

Check the full page on Dribbble

Process Time Lapse

This is where the magic happens. The first timelapse is about the illustrations for the website and the next one is the iteration for the logo.

Well framed

Everything is about understanding what we want to achieve, who we want to target. For that, I need my client to fill out a document to aim right.

See the logo brief example

Project Learning

The challenge that I had to overcome was to find a different identity from all capital ventures website. Create a full-fledged universe by keeping the codes of this kind of site and universe.

Next project

Revolutionise the way amendments are managed by the French Gov.