Firstly, I begin by spending quality time with you, figuring out you who really are. Then we start crafting. We need to be crystal clear on what we need to achieve, whether to create a minimalist logo for your company or creating a smooth user interface.

We create together your story, shaping your product in a way that it will be unique and memorable. My designs are focused on functionality and usability.

In short, I help you become more you.


Entire Project

Everything is customized for you, your project, your product. I take on a limited number of projects at one time. This quality control means I can give each one exactly what it needs – a unique experience for your customers.

1. Meet

When two become one. I build strong relationships with my clients. In general, my approach with clients is very much a powerful partnership. Then, we follow a process.

2. Goals

Before starting the process, I need to know all the things that might cause problem on the table — like things you tried, things you’ve done. We align on what we need to achieve, documenting by asking questions like who are the target users? Who are the key stakeholders? Etc… This all keeps us on the same page. It keeps us focused.

3. Process

Right after the goals phase, time to start the process. Time to think, to sketch, to test and iterate. I ask my client to answers few questions first.

I share a document with my client when they need to create a logo and this one when we need to work on their Webapp. They are f

Otherwise,  I invite you to also check the two case studies I’ve made, a product & a brand project example, to get an idea of my process.

Email me about your project

One-on-one (1h session)

Are you a developer working a ton of hours on designing your MVP without much result? Are you a business guy who need advices on his product? Do you feel stuck and you do not know how to take your design to the next level?

1. Custom

I examine your current state and then customize my approach to fit your specific needs and challenges.

2. Topics

Before each session, I ask my clients to send me a bullet point list of 3-5 talking points they want to be sure we discuss. The idea is to stay focused on priorities to maximize each session.

3. Process

I charge 200€ per 1-hour session. My pricing model is also designed to allow us to work together often and with everybody.

We will use Whereby to have a video conference together. Before each session, I’ll send you a payment request. Payments are due upon receipt.

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